SVT chooses Conversy Voice Media Monitor.

SVT has chosen to use Voice Media Monitor and can now ensure that they fulfill their journalistic mission in matters connected to democracy in the perspective of media space. As well as gender representation related to the distribution of the same in the Swedish Parliament.


Conversy is a technology provider enabling real value for our customers through speech technologies and voice biometrics. We provide cutting edge and custom solutions to a great variety of challenges by using our deep in-house knowledge as well as through tapping into our network of partners.

Nextgen Artificial Intelligence.

We aim to always be on the forefront of speech technology while maintaining a clear focus on customer value. Bringing machine learning enabled technology to real world use through deep understanding of both the underlying technology and contexts in which they are deployed.

We focus on speech technology leveraging machine learning and neural networks components in conjunction with modern and stable deployment methods.

Spectrum of Applications.

By focusing on an area of technology we can provide a great variety of industries and clients with cutting-edge solutions. From governmental authorities, large telecom providers to consumer product manufacturers, we are able to find and adapt solutions to enable online instant speech analysis.

Conversy is a technology COMPANY enabling speech and voice technologies as real value for our customers.