DETECT GENDER and Count each speakers talk time 

Media plays a pivotal role in shaping opinions and perspectives. However, achieving gender balance in media remains a persistent challenge. Traditional methods often fall short, but we have a solution that goes beyond surface-level metrics


Last 24 hours: unique speakers 97. 55% Male 45% Female


Last 24 hours: unique speakers 63. 55% Male 45% Female


Last 24 hours: unique speakers 120. 55% Male 45% Female

Why Speaking time?

Research consistently shows that speaking time is a direct indicator of influence. By focusing on who gets to speak, we address the heart of the representation issue.
Reliability at its Core
Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate and reliable gender monitoring, eliminating biases and providing a true reflection of gender balance.
Fairness through Speaking Time Metrics
Speaking time is the most equitable way to gauge gender balance. It cuts through superficial appearances, focusing on the substance of representation.
Accurate Insights, Every Time
Our advanced algorithms provide precise data, empowering you with the insights needed to drive meaningful change.
Transparent Reporting
Our reports are transparent and easy to understand, giving you the clarity to make informed decisions for a more balanced media landscape