Use Cases

Automatic Media SEO indexing

A unique service that automatically makes all your podcast content SEO-indexed with text and speakers published on your podcast platform. At the same time all podcasts content is made searchable by speaker and what was said - simply put, who said what when?
Conversy's leading speech AI processing is seamlessly integrated with your podcast platform. Enabled by Conversy's platform Voice Biometrics & Speech Recognition.


Measure gender balance on tv or radio by audio analysis. Using Conversy Platform automatic reports and statistics can be generated with high precision and reliability. 

Who gets a say?
Speaking time is the true indicator of equality and balance in media. Using our platform, it is easy to provide clear, transparent and back-tracable answers to questions about gender balance.

Election Monitoring

The challenge of providing fair and objective representation to candidates and parties is continuous, and gets amplified during an election. 

Conversys platform simplifies the analysis by allowing broadcasters to automatically track individual candidates and representatives and by association their parties speaking time. 


Let the customer interact seamlessly with your services 24 hours a day. Create the greatest possible customer value with the highest possible resource efficiency. Our voicebot speech technology solutions realise real value in a short period of time.


Identifying and locating targets is of high interest to law enforcement agencies everywhere. In that effort, lawful interception of large volumes of calls is deployed to gather information, identify targets and mitigate threats.

Extract metadata from Audio accurately without effort