— Use AI-powered Transcription and keyword-spotting in patient meetings to detect symptoms and reduce workload of doctors and nurses.
— Use AI to detect symptoms through speech-analysis and automatically give doctors support in diagnosing patients

Call Centres

— Increase Agents’ script compliance by automatically transcribing calls and comparing.
— Get Customer Voice Verification to assist account specific tasks without having to go through tedious login procedures. This reduces time spent per call as well as improves customer experience.
— Call Transcription for big data analysis to find true insight in what customers are talking about and asking for.

Financial Services

— Passive Voice Verification to increase security for customers and reduce the risk of fraud.
— Blacklist known fraudsters based on Speaker Identity to reduce business risk and customer experience.
— Enable elderly to regain financial independence through a simplified authentication process using Voice Recognition.


— Identify suspects with voice biometrics in calls regardless of source.
— Reduce time spent documenting interviews and interrogations by automating the transcription process.
— Deploy on-premise, fully scalable and meeting the highest data security standards.


— Add Voice capabilities to a new or existing chatbot solution to increase the usability and reach of your solution.
— Use passive voice identification to “skip” time with authentication and improve user experience.