Voice Media Monitor

Conversy Voice Media Monitor is the only service with global coverage of spoken media
With VVM you can search and monitor the presence of specific persons, what they say and analyze their media space. As well as you can search and monitor mentions of your brand or other optional topics or whole sentences.
Or why not combine the ability to search for selected speakers with specific keywords.

The possibilities with Voice Media Monitor are not limited by languages and can cover any broadcasting market you choose.

Audio Intelligence Management

Conversy Audio Intelligence Management revolutionizes the efficiency of investigative work and threat management
Connect internal and external audio sources to automatically aggregate crucial voice biometric information with relevant investigation and threat classification.

Onebox Languages Services

Conversy Onebox Languages Services
In Conversy Onebox Language Services, all steps take place automatically.

The time is over for time-consuming projects to manage media productions for your global market with different language adaptations.

Conversy Onebox transcribes, translates, subtitles, identifies speakers and distributes your entire media production in a global market.